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Tasselfoot (Give Up 2)
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Main Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Skin Color Orange
Eye Color Dark Orange
Hair Color Blonde
Professional Stats
Occupation Game show host
Other Stats
Alignment Evil

Tasselfoot is the antagonist of the sequel. He does the same actions as in the first game. But this time, instead of a construct, he is a game show host.


Tasselfoot has blonde hair and orange skin. His eyes are also the same colour as his skin, but a darker shade. He also holds a microphone as he is a game show host. He also has a sly facial expression.


Tasselfoot stays the same as he was in the first game; a trickster. However, he shares some attributes with a real game show host.


  • Tasselfoot makes a physical appearance, unlike in the first game.
  • Instead of a construct, he is a game show host. It is unknown what happened to his first job.