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Main Information
Race Human (?)
Gender Male
Skin Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Professional Stats
Occupation Construct
Other Stats
Alignment Evil

Tasselfoot is the antagonist of Give Up. As the antagonist, he taunts you continously by telling you to click the "Give Up" button.

Appearance Edit

In the first game, Tasselfoot shows no appearance. Instead, he projects his voice out of a speaker.

Personality Edit

Tasselfoot could be considered a trickster, due to the fact that he lies to you about what would happen if you click the "Give Up" button.

Trivia Edit

  • Tasselfoot is not seen physically in this game.
  • His name came from a game creator group "Tasselfoot".
    • The group also helped create Give Up.
  • He communicates through a speaker in each floor.
  • He mentions that he does not have a grandma, as seen in Floor 12.