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Player (Give Up 2)
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Main Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Skin Color Blue
Eye Color Dark Blue
Hair Color N/A
Professional Stats
Occupation Game Show contestant
Other Stats
Alignment Good

The player is the main protagonist of Give Up 2. You control him once again, so you are the protagonist again.


Before clicking the "Give Up" button, his sprite looks the same as in the first game, but it gives a more HD feel. However, after clicking the "Give Up" button, you can see his face. He has blue skin and dark blue eyes. He has no hair.


As he only speaks after you click the "Give Up" button, it can be made out that he has a very short-tempered personality, as he shows a very angry facial expression the whole time. He also says, "I'll take the damn cheeseboard.".


  • Unlike the first game, he is properly seen, with a face.
  • He was not willing to join Tasselfoot's game show, as he says, "So this has been some kinda... sick GAME SHOW?!"
  • He has a rather "derpy" accent in his voice.